Project History

MOAKAA Foundation was established in 2008 – MOAKAA Foundation has opened the Children of Zion Preparatory School at Dormaa-Akwamu in the Dormaa East Assembly, Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

The aim of the school is to help the underprivileged children to have access to quality basic education. Children of Zion Preparatory School (CZPS) is now acting as a role model for all disadvantaged children in the community. In this regard MOAKAA Foundation is very much eager to work with all partners including opinion leaders, parents, guardians, policy makers, Ghana Education Services (GES), charitable organisations and other private sectors to promote quality education in the community. As a matter of fact, CZPS is much pleased to say that many disadvantaged children and parents in the community have found back their interest in education. This is because of our inclusive teaching and learning style where respectful relations are nurtured in conducive and serene environment.