1. MOAKAA Foundation has created uncountable opportunities for a number of disadvantaged children to gain access to quality education at the basic level. This has helped to reduce the dropout rate of disadvantaged children from the main stream education in the community. As MOAKAA Foundation has been working tirelessly with the people in the community for the past seven years, it has succeeded in winning their trust, loyalty and commitment to community based non-formal education, training and apprenticeships.
  1. MOAKAA Foundation has gained recognition on its core values of providing quality education to many disadvantaged children in the Community. This has enabled the indigenes especially parents currently accepting this project as their own project.



  1. After the endless effort MOAKAA Foundation has succeeded to make the community members understand that education is the right of every children. MOAKAA strongly believes that children are not meant for schools, rather schools are meant for their education. Therefore if disadvantaged children are unable to reach to school then school would have to reach to them.


  1. MOAKAA Foundation has proved to be credible in the provision of community based education.