About Moakaa

The purpose of Moakaa Foundation (MF) is the advancement of education for the public benefit.

Moakaa Foundation promotes; sustains and increases the quality of education to the deprived and the disadvantaged children in the communities in UK and Ghana, focusing in changing knowledge, the skills and the attitudes of the deprived and disadvantaged children for a better future.
MF promotes and creates awareness of the importance of education at the basic level in the communities where it operates. It facilitates and develops a model of teaching and learning that develop the interest of the people in the community towards formal education for the deprived children. MF works tirelessly towards achieving the millennium development goal number two, i.e. achieving universal primary education for all the children especially the disadvantaged children. It also gives opportunity to children, girls, women and other vulnerable people in the deprived communities to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. MF provides a platform for children where they can play a positive role as changing agents within their families in relation to rights.
MF ensures that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. MF also ensures free expression of views, values, quality and diversity amongst individuals. MF works and values all-inclusive participation in the decision making process and employs on other strategies to achieve its purpose. These strategies are done by conducting a study and assessing the needs of the target children in the community, designing a flexible model to spread the education amongst the target children in the community and its environs, ensuring community participation and creating a community school method, promoting effective campaign about quality education for the target children based on an initial assessment and induction.
It is the heart of MF to work within the existing resources and systems, to strengthen and making it more functional and no attempt to create any parallel alternative to achieve its purpose. The purpose of MF is beneficial because MF works to promote basic and quality education to the deprived and disadvantaged children in the community focusing in changing knowledge, attitudes and skills and this will help them to improve their quality of life.
Nothing in this constitution shall authorise an application of the property of the MF for the purposes which are not charitable in accordance with [section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005] and [section 2 of the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008]

Registered Charity Number : 1173069